Down with oatmeal and fruit: how to combine foods correctly to lose weight

Usually, to normalize weight, it is enough to normalize the diet itself, choose more salads, eliminate sugar and flour products; add walks and a little physical activity - in a few months the result will be noticeable. But what if diets and physical activity don’t really help? Moreover, if your sleep has become worse, you want one thing, then at the same moment another, and your general well-being has become worse, but there are still no tangible results.

A DNA food test can help you! It is quite possible that due to a lack of certain nutrients, or because these substances are poorly absorbed, other substances may not be absorbed. For example, a lack of calcium in the body cannot be compensated if there is also a lack of phosphorus - phosphorus is actively involved in the absorption of calcium. And this is how the entire metabolism works, in which everything is interconnected, and one determines the other.

Why exactly is a genetic test for food useful, and what to expect from it? Let’s look at it in more detail in this article.

DNA test for food intolerance

Sometimes, after eating, you may experience drowsiness, a slight (or strong) feeling of discomfort, and even a deterioration in your overall health. This is quite possible if your diet contains food that your body does not digest well. Of course, you can and should identify the food saboteur and remove it from your diet, but this is not the best solution to the problem. The problem will remain unresolved, and along with a substance that the body does not tolerate well, you can also refuse the beneficial substances contained in the same food.

A DNA food tolerance test will help you accurately determine which substances are poorly absorbed by the body and for what reason. This will help you either find a complete replacement for unwanted food, or, on the contrary, add new dishes to your diet that will normalize your metabolism, and you won’t have to give up anything. It is currently impossible to find out your individual food preferences more accurately than with the help of gene testing.

Disadvantages of the system

One of the disadvantages is the difficulty of planning a menu if family members do not share the same view on a given food system.
You will have to spend extra time cooking separately for yourself and others. Difficulties may arise when participating in joint feasts with friends and relatives, because... On holidays, tables are set with dishes made from mixed ingredients. This nutritional system is not supported in modern medicine.
According to nutritionists, eating foods separately can disrupt the normal, habitual process of digestion. Since ancient times, people have eaten different foods; the gastrointestinal tract, in the process of evolution, has completely adapted to digesting any food. If you strictly follow the rules of separate nutrition for a long period, then the digestive organs will no longer cope with many dishes (dumplings, pies, borscht, etc.). In addition, this system itself does not affect weight loss, because... Overeating is possible when eating simple, natural food. Reducing calorie intake helps you lose weight.

Allergy or intolerance?

If you have had an allergy at least once in your life, then you can always distinguish it from ordinary intolerance. Intolerance allows you to eat a full meal and only, after some time, feel some discomfort. Intolerant foods most often include citrus fruits, products containing lactose, cereals and cabbage. Legumes are often classified as intolerable foods due to their ability to cause gas formation.

Allergies are a much more unpleasant and dangerous reaction of the body. Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, sometimes very little allergen is needed for it to occur. Allergies are accompanied by swelling, skin rashes, irritation of mucous membranes, difficulty breathing and spasms. In acute cases of allergies, you can get allergic shock, which requires immediate medical intervention. In general, even less acute allergies should not be ignored and you should consult a doctor.

If an allergy occurs immediately, then the symptoms of intolerance can begin after a few hours and last longer than before. How is it shown:

  • An hour after eating, a headache may begin.
  • Belching, unusual sensations in the mouth.
  • Sudden fatigue and drowsiness. (can also occur from simple overeating)
  • In some cases, the face may swell a little and circles may appear under the eyes.
  • Intestinal cramps, stool disorders, gases.

What to eat with separate meals

In order to independently follow the principles of separate nutrition, you need to be a good chemist and understand the composition of certain products; often the rules of separate nutrition prohibit what we have become accustomed to since childhood. For example, you cannot drink milk together with grain products; in other words, bread and milk is prohibited, since the amino acids of plant and animal proteins are absorbed differently. But there are also positive examples of compatibility: it is believed that fried meat is well complemented with plant products, since they are able to bind and remove harmful carcinogens formed during frying. At the same time, legumes should not be consumed with meat, as they reduce the absorption of animal protein.

Thus, adhering to the principles of separate nutrition is quite difficult, and its benefits have not been proven. If the digestive system works without failures, then separate nutrition will not make its work much easier. The stomach is designed to effectively process mixed food; if this does not happen, then you should look deeper for the cause and seek advice and diagnosis from a doctor.


In a modern complex of wellness procedures, taking a test for food tolerance and physical predispositions is as commonplace as proper nutrition and exercise. The most ideal formula, which will only require you to strictly adhere to the instructions of specialists, is to undergo genetic research, transfer the decoding results to a personal trainer and nutritionist, and exercise according to the recommendations and schedules that they will draw up.

In addition to genetic testing, there are a number of other techniques that allow you to study the body's response to various nutrients and chemicals:

  • One of these methods is the FED test, developed by American specialists. This technique requires about 4.5 milliliters of venous blood from the patient, which is subsequently tested for tolerance to more than one hundred of the most common foods and about 30 chemical food additives. The data obtained is compiled into analysis results, on the basis of which instructions and recommendations are given for individual proper nutrition.
  • Hemotest is a technique based on the same principle of studying the reaction of blood to nutrients as in the test above, only from Russian scientists. The reaction to the most common food products is also studied, but the analyzes themselves and their interpretation differ from the American counterpart.
  • Study of hormonal levels. It’s not uncommon for hormonal imbalances to have a significant impact on your figure.
  • Invitro. An ambiguous, but undoubtedly interesting test for intolerance. The analysis itself consists of identifying IgG class immunoglobulins from a sample. Their presence in the results indicates allergies. You can also conduct research on the consequences of long-term consumption of something. The results are interesting, but not very accurate. Experts themselves recommend conducting the analysis several times.

Do nutritionists recommend separate meals?

Experienced doctors treat separate nutrition with a great deal of skepticism. They question the very essence of separate nutrition, pointing out that products are difficult to classify. There are practically no foods that contain exclusively fats, proteins or carbohydrates. Most foods contain a wide variety of nutrients. The only exceptions are refined fats and sugars.

Separate nutrition is not suitable for losing weight or treating obesity. Mono-diets suggest narrowing the diet to one product; they do not talk about the compatibility of products; a person simply eats the same thing, for example, buckwheat. Lack of variety in food reduces appetite; mono-diets are based on this idea.

If we return to separate nutrition and the theory that incompatibility of foods can cause them to rot and ferment in the stomach, then it also does not stand up to criticism. Special enzymes produced by the gastrointestinal tract must cope with all incoming food. If not enough enzymes are produced, then problems with digestion are possible, but this is a sign of the presence of a certain disease, and not the consequences of non-compliance with the principle of separate nutrition. A person should seek help from a doctor and undergo a course of treatment, and not try to solve the problem with diets or switching to separate meals.

Where is the analysis carried out?

You can conduct a DNA test for food intolerance in any clinic that has received all the documents giving the right to provide such services. And preferably with your own laboratory. You can contact the nearest laboratory to you, or our clinic. We provide a wide selection of genetic tests and diagnostics, which are performed in our laboratory using the latest equipment.

Veracity of results

DNA testing is a technique that, first of all, is distinguished by the incredible accuracy of its results. But how to interpret these results, what conclusions and recommendations to draw from them is a field of constant scientific discussions and experiments. That all genetics and its clients can only benefit. One may doubt the very necessity of testing, but its results are based on the work of many scientists who have developed and continue to develop genetics.

In the meantime, it is also not necessary to completely abandon nutrition and professional trainers. On the contrary, these specialists, having in hand the results of your examination and recommendations for them, will be able to choose the highest quality diet and exercise schedule for you, which will be completely individual and will reduce the risk of getting an undesirable result.

How to properly combine products on a PP

For quick digestion and maximum absorption of food, you need to follow the right combination of foods for a healthy diet:

  • Squirrels. Absorbed in an acidic environment. These include: poultry, meat, fish, seafood, cottage cheese, eggs, beans and mushrooms.
  • Animal and vegetable fats. Lard is difficult to digest. Fish oil, milk, and vegetable oils are easily digestible.
  • Complex carbohydrates. Absorbed in an alkaline environment: cereals, honey, flour products, fruits, vegetables and berries.

Let's take a closer look at the common associations of the main food groups:

  • meat and fish products with greens and non-starchy vegetables, which will help speed up digestion and get rid of cholesterol.
  • Pulses – contain vegetable protein and starch. Combine with vegetables and vegetable oil.
  • Confectionery, sugar . With PP, you should completely abandon them. Fast carbohydrates slow down digestion, cause a number of diseases and damage the skin. When combined with other types of food, they tend to stimulate fermentation, heartburn and belching. The exception is honey.
  • Milk. Some nutritionists do not recommend drinking it due to poor digestibility. Try not to combine it with other foods, giving preference to fermented milk products.
  • Eggs – supplemented with herbs and low-starch vegetables.

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Personal genetic diet

If you imagine a little, then in a world where people eat only natural food without preservatives, dyes, flavors, substitutes and other things, no one would know of any allergies or food intolerances. But, coming down from heaven to earth, our world is not like that. Therefore, having your individual nutrition card in hand and following its advice, proper nutrition in your individual version will soon become commonplace and will save you from many troubles.

Metabolic disorders can have many different causes:

  1. Interruptions in the functioning of the pancreas may occur. As a result of this, the iron will cease to produce any enzyme necessary for the digestion and absorption of food, or produce it in insufficient quantities. And if the product is consumed frequently and in large quantities, this will of course lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences.
  2. All modern chemical food products without exception can cause an allergic reaction: preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. By and large, these substances are a decoy for our body, they are not natural and are not intended for us to eat, but only serve to extend the shelf life of a product, or to give a mixture of “it’s not clear what” a taste that is not typical for it. So, allergies can occur to caffeine (both in coffee and tea), chocolate additives, cheap chemical cheeses, etc.
  3. Unscrupulous businessmen, and the same unscrupulous people who work for them, may seek to “extend the life” of products that have passed their expiration date. But no matter how these products are boiled, salted, fried and sprinkled with spices, if the smell and even the taste are deceived, then the stomach is definitely not. Food that has already begun to spoil releases toxic toxins that can cause serious poisoning.

Examples of the most successful combinations of products for weight loss

  • Coffee + cinnamon;
  • tuna + ginger;
  • chicken + hot pepper (cayenne pepper);
  • hard-boiled eggs + fresh vegetables;
  • oatmeal + berries;
  • nuts (almonds, walnuts) + yogurt or kefir with a low fat content combination;

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  • spinach leaves + avocado pulp;
  • green tea + mint;
  • cheese + vegetables;
  • salmon + asparagus, fresh or steamed;
  • potatoes with red or black pepper;
  • melon + grapes.

As you have seen for yourself, the ability to correctly combine foods to lose weight is the basis of a healthy diet, a beautiful figure and good health. At first glance, it may seem that it is very difficult to comprehend the intricacies of food compatibility and incompatibility. However, by introducing this rule into your life, you will very quickly realize that in reality everything is simpler than it seems, and the system itself is incredibly effective.

Do you monitor product compatibility?

Genetics of sports

Physical activity and sports hobbies are necessary for everyone. But professional sports is much more than that. To become such an athlete, you need to exhaust your body with countless loads for many years. Not every organism can be well predisposed to this. Moreover, many sports are dangerous. Where you shouldn’t go too far and overwork yourself, and where increased loads will only be beneficial, is largely determined by genes.

A detailed genetic analysis will help you choose the sports discipline for which the strongest predisposition has been identified, and will help you create a training schedule that will not harm the body.

Preparatory stage

To make the transition to a new lifestyle less painful, a few days before starting the diet, it is recommended to introduce new rules into the diet that will help prepare the body for some restrictions. First of all, a week before starting the diet, it is recommended to give up junk food and alcohol. It is also recommended to reduce the size of your usual servings.

Next, you need to increase the number of meals to 5-6 times a day. Regardless of whether you need to lose weight or not, it is important to drink clean, warm water 15-20 minutes before meals. This simple measure will help you get full faster. Immediately before, during meals and immediately after finishing the meal, drinking water or any other drinks is strictly prohibited.

Gene groups

Usually, not one gene, but entire groups of them, is responsible for various predispositions. Eg:

  1. To properly balance activities and loads, it would not hurt to study the AMDP1 and IL6 genes, which are responsible for endurance and the speed of recovery after training. It is for the sake of reducing the waiting time before the next workout that some athletes, in the excitement of sports, use chemicals like steroids. It should be noted that this is unjustifiably harmful, and it is better not to conduct such experiments on yourself.
  2. The ADBR2 and ADBR3 genes are responsible for the couple of extra pounds that immediately popped out on the sides as soon as you sniffed the sweet bun. They regulate the rate of fat breakdown, and the efficiency of their work forms the so-called body constitution.
  3. How much stress the entire body can withstand before it begins to cause wear and tear on the cardiovascular system depends on the activity of the AGT and ACT genes.

Reviews from our clients

In the world of medicine, not everyone approves of tests for food intolerance: scientists who disagree with it argue that with various diseases the body can reject different foods, and intolerance is a consequence of the disease. But the truth is most likely, as usual, in the middle.

There are no people among our clients who are completely dissatisfied with the procedure. The majority of them respond positively to the results of the analysis, saying that following the recommendations instilled in them a little discipline and also led to the desired results. Some say that many recommendations are similar to each other and boil down to eliminating excess sugar, flour, spicy, fried, etc. In their opinion, following general recommendations is sufficient, and testing is not necessary. For example, lactose intolerance can be identified independently; the main thing is to take into account this peculiarity and limit yourself to milk.

Product Compatibility

The creator of separate meals, Herbert Shelton, outlined several important rules regarding the compatibility of products, which are recommended not only separately from each other, but also at different times, and even better - on different days.

  • Proteins and carbohydrates . Thus, you should not consume dishes that are so familiar to the common man, such as potatoes or pasta with meat, porridge with bread and other flour products.
  • Starch and acids . Vegetables and fruits that have a sour taste should not be combined with starchy foods.
  • Squirrels . Despite the related composition, you cannot combine products containing animal proteins. So, for example, you should avoid eating eggs, meat, cheese, fish, and seafood at the same time.
  • Proteins and fats . In a simplified version, this rule literally means the following: when cooking meat, fish, and seafood, you cannot use vegetable oil or butter.
  • Starch and sugar . That is, you need to give up dishes that are so beloved by many, such as sweet cereals, pies, buns, and baked goods.
  • Single products . This category includes the following: watermelons, melons, milk. It is permissible to eat them separately from other dishes and only as an independent meal.

An undeniable advantage of a separate diet is the ability to eat any amount of food. Of course, if your main goal is to lose weight, you should not overeat. It is better to eat more often, for example, every 2-2.5 hours, but in small portions.

Proper nutrition, also aimed at healing and cleansing the body, implies partial or complete rejection of salt, sugar, and spices. To improve the taste of dishes, it is allowed to add greens to them.

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